Official release: AWSR
May 2, 2024
After the tremendously successful 2024 AWSR Australian Wingless Sprint Championship held at Castrol Lismore Speedway last weekend the dates and venue for the 2025 National Championship have been announced.
Lismore’s Jacob Jolley will defend his A1 at B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway in Mildura Victoria on March 7-9, 2025.
Timmis Speedway has in the last two years in particular become one of the most improved and respected venues in Australia and news of Mildura securing the title was met with considerable excitement when it was announced at the Lismore Title Calcutta last Thursday night.
“You could hear the buzz in the room when then Aussie champ Todd Hobson announced the title was heading to Mildura,” says AWSR President Scott Yallop, “the feedback from that track lately has been amazing and it seems like everyone wants to race there if they haven’t already.”
The upgrades to the safety fence and lighting, the meticulous presentation of the lawn spectator banks and catering facilities as well as the huge effort that goes into the racing surface has been a major talking point around Australian Speedway for the Timmis venue for some time.
“We are proud to announce that the 2025 AWSR Australian Wingless Sprint Championship is headed to Milvegas,” Yallop continues, “and with the wonderful tourism opportunities in the region the chance for teams to turn the title into a real holiday experience is a major bonus. We also have the WOW Series Grand Final round at Timmis on the Saturday after on March 15 as well. So it’s the perfect chance for teams to combine the best of both worlds and make a real holiday out of it.”
With an abundance of Motel and B&B accommodation options, cafes, restaurants and Murray River activities the 2025 AWSR Australian Championship will offer a wide variety of ways to spend both racing and social time next March.
“We are excited to host the AWSR Wingless Aussie title and the WOW Series next season,” says Timmis Speedway’s Geoff Fell, “we think that our venue is perfect for this title and we’ll be putting in a big effort to make it memorable. Lismore set the benchmark for the Wingless Title last weekend and we’ll be using that as our motivation in 2025.”
Word on the street is that the idea of a field reaching well over one hundred cars for “Milvegas” is a distinct possibility.
March 7-9
2025 AWSR Australian Wingless Sprint Championship
March 15
Grand Final of the Wide Open Wingless Sprint (WOW) Series
More information soon.
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