After being closed for a year Timmis Speedway in Mildura roared back into life on Good Friday as the final round of the 2022/23 Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers rolled into town. On a night that saw rather unseasonal cold weather, the racing on track was hot with young Talented South Australian Ben Morris taking the win. Steve Caruso picked up another podium this season in second with Ricky Maiolo making it an all South Aussie Podium.
Chris Solomon led the field to green with Heath Hunter Hire Quick Time winner Maiolo joining him on the front row. It was an all Caruso second row with newly crowned Australian Champion Mark Caruso joined by his brother Steve on the second row. The third row consisted of Morris and Brendan Quinn.
The first attempt at green saw Mark Caruso flip wildly in turn 1. At the resumption Solomon raced away to the lead with the battle for the minor spots on the podium heating up. 13 laps in and the red lights come on again with Lisa Walker and Dave Donegan flipping in turn 1. The resulting damage caused the tail tank of the S4 to come away spilling Methanol on the race track. With Officials and Fire Crews needing to clean it up resulting in a short delay.
At the resumption of hostilities Solomon lead the field away but the battle behind him was sensational with Caruso, Maiolo and Morris all taking turns at chasing down the leader. Tragedy would strike on lap 24 when Solomon whilst attempting to lap a back marker would tagged the main straight wall causing him to pull infield. The final 6 laps were uneventful with Morris taking the win ahead of Caruso and Maiolo.
Ryan Davis capped off a consistent night finishing 4th with TEH Hard Charger Steven Loader rounding out the top 5. Corey Sandow would follow with Brendan Quinn, Zac Farrer, Kane Newcombe Boyd Harris and Stacey Galliford rounding out the finishers.
Heat race wins went to – Farrer, Quinn, Charles Hunter, Rusty Hickman, Maiolo and Davis

A Main results: – 1st S3 Ben Morris 2nd S10 Steve Caruso 3rd S24 Ricky Maiolo 4th V95 Ryan David 5th V10 Steven Loader 6th V43 Corey Sandow 7th S14 Brendan Quinn 8th D21 Zac Farrer 9th V65 Kane Newcombe 10th BJ Harris 11th N46 Stacey Galliford DNF 12th V83 Chris Solomon DNF 13th S37 Terry Kelly 14th DNF V39 Brett Smith 15th DNF S4 Lisa Walker 16th DNF VA75 Dave Donegan 17th DNF V47 Jeremy Kupsch 18th DNF V73 Charles Hunter 19th DNF S96 Brendan Guerin 20th DNF A1 Mark Caruso