Matty Pascoe has been crowned the Victorian Super Sedan Champion following a phenomenal feature race at B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway Mildura that had multiple lead changes and shock DNF’s that kept the crowd guessing constantly!
To kick off proceedings David Nichols was given the first award of the night after being voted as the best presented car and crew award at the Victorian Title.
At the highly anticipated big banks, it was Lucas Roberts in the V0 for Royal Precision Lubricants and Bendigo Metal Fab taking out the first heat win of the day. Lionel West was home in second with Dave Gartner in third.
Matty Pascoe was stout in heat race two, but knew that they had some room to move to make their car better. Michael Hally and David Nichols made up second and third.
This time around for heat 3 it was Zac Pascoe for the Sweet Chassis team with the win, ahead of Dylan Barrow and Jamie Collins.
Round two of heat races saw the blistering sun slickening off the surface a little as Tasmanian Callum Harper was the first to open up the top side winning from Dave Gartner and Mick Nicola Snr.
David Nichols then returned to victory lane, but with a heat winner to go with his Best Presented award this time around. Nichols led home the brothers Brock and Todd Atkins at second and third.
Ash Bergmeier was rampant in heat 6 with another top side showdown that seen the top three spots filled by Steve Jordan and National Champion Trent Wilson.
With the final chance to bank points in heat action reaching a fever pitch, Mick Nicola Jnr had to strike early and did exactly that with a heat win from Brad Pascoe and Dylan Barrow.
Heat 8 was all with the defending Victorian Champion who spoke about how tough the pressure was to defend that state crown, while holding Callum Harper and Trent Wilson out to a half second lead.
The last heat of the night was all in for the Joker Steve Jordan who was flash in his new (borrowed) race suit, Jordan was first home from Michael Hally and Dave Gartner.
Dropping the B Main, cars packed into the Colosseum of Clay that is Timmis Speedway for the feature event looking down the barrel of 23 cars to take the green.
However heartbreak would instill early as pole sitter Dave Gartner would suffer a mechanical failure and bow out of the very first race restart. All the while David Nichols settled into the race lead and began to put solid laps in his book and approaching lap traffic. Lucas Roberts would follow Gartner infield with a similar mechanical gremlin plaguing the V0.
Kemble Aylett would suffer a similar fate in the form of a punctured right rear sending him infield and yellow on the raceway.
On the restart Nichols was the leader but a fast closing Dylan Barrow and Matty Pascoe were lurking with Intent. Kym Leyson and Brock Atkins would also head to the lawn, with the race contender David Nichols being forced to retire. Within a couple laps Callum Harper also headed down there with a fast race car unable to finish.
Dylan Barrow now went to work on Pascoe before making the move and locking it down for 10 or so laps, before a gremlin started to rear its head, and an eventual flat tyre would also spoil the hopes of the Barrow #17. With Pascoe back to the front he just had to settle the ship, and managed to do exactly that.
Pascoe led home from there, Ash Bergmeier and Mick Nicola Jnr from Brad Pascoe and Trent Wilson making up the official top five.
Tyson Moon was home in sixth, with Jamie Collins, Michael Hally, Mick Nicola Snr, Zac Pascoe, Todd Atkins, Travis Ramsdale, Paul Blenkiron, Lionel West and Steve Jordan adding to the last of the finishers in this Victorian Super Sedan Title.