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Official release: AWSR
May 2, 2024
After the tremendously successful 2024 AWSR Australian Wingless Sprint Championship held at Castrol Lismore Speedway last weekend the dates and venue for the 2025 National Championship have been announced.
Lismore’s Jacob Jolley will defend his A1 at B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway in Mildura Victoria on March 7-9, 2025.
Timmis Speedway has in the last two years in particular become one of the most improved and respected venues in Australia and news of Mildura securing the title was met with considerable excitement when it was announced at the Lismore Title Calcutta last Thursday night.
“You could hear the buzz in the room when then Aussie champ Todd Hobson announced the title was heading to Mildura,” says AWSR President Scott Yallop, “the feedback from that track lately has been amazing and it seems like everyone wants to race there if they haven’t already.”
The upgrades to the safety fence and lighting, the meticulous presentation of the lawn spectator banks and catering facilities as well as the huge effort that goes into the racing surface has been a major talking point around Australian Speedway for the Timmis venue for some time.
“We are proud to announce that the 2025 AWSR Australian Wingless Sprint Championship is headed to Milvegas,” Yallop continues, “and with the wonderful tourism opportunities in the region the chance for teams to turn the title into a real holiday experience is a major bonus. We also have the WOW Series Grand Final round at Timmis on the Saturday after on March 15 as well. So it’s the perfect chance for teams to combine the best of both worlds and make a real holiday out of it.”
With an abundance of Motel and B&B accommodation options, cafes, restaurants and Murray River activities the 2025 AWSR Australian Championship will offer a wide variety of ways to spend both racing and social time next March.
“We are excited to host the AWSR Wingless Aussie title and the WOW Series next season,” says Timmis Speedway’s Geoff Fell, “we think that our venue is perfect for this title and we’ll be putting in a big effort to make it memorable. Lismore set the benchmark for the Wingless Title last weekend and we’ll be using that as our motivation in 2025.”
Word on the street is that the idea of a field reaching well over one hundred cars for “Milvegas” is a distinct possibility.
March 7-9
2025 AWSR Australian Wingless Sprint Championship
March 15
Grand Final of the Wide Open Wingless Sprint (WOW) Series
More information soon.
Ends release…


Official Release Saturday 27th April 2024.
For the first time in six years, and the third time in history, a driver has gone back-to-back as the winner of the SSA Production Sedan National Champion, Kyle Sayer putting in an epic performance across the weekend to maintain the A1 crown.
Sayer had an epic weekend, blitzing the field in practice, winning two heats and finishing second in the other two to start on the front row for the feature race, then leading thirty-two laps of the forty-lap stoppage-filled feature race. Amazingly, Sayer was sick as anything on the Friday night, throwing up between heats and even considering withdrawing from the title!
High points man Joel Berkeley elected to start on the outside for the main event and it worked as the race went green, Berkley leading Sayer and overnight points leader Jaiden Healey who raced into third.
The top three would quickly break away from the rest of the field as Nathan Thorne began to come under pressure from a pile of cars, young West Aussie Hayden Thomas moving into fourth on lap four after an epic weekend.
Berkley and Sayer would move into their own battle, Sayer right on Berkley’s bumper while Healey began to run a lonely race, no one close in front or behind him. Thomas would hold fourth, with Raymond Ussher moving from eighth into fifth and looking for a way through, eventually making the pass on lap eight.
Sayer would make his move on lap nine, getting past Berkley to take the lead, the two still staying in close quarters.
Lapped traffic would come into play on lap twelve, but it would do little to slow Sayer, stretching his legs and building the gap to over one and a half seconds. Unfortunately, the yellows would come on with thirteen complete as Ussher came to a stop.
Sayer led away the field, Berkley unable to keep pace with him as Healey held third and Aidan Rigby made the moves on Thomas to grab fourth.
Just one lap would be completed when the yellow lights came out, this time for Wesly Barnes who spun in turn three.
Again, Sayer got away cleanly, Berkley also getting a break on Healey who found himself under pressure from Rigby, Rigby able to get by for third place on lap fifteen. Healey fought back but couldn’t reclaim the position, the yellows on shortly after as Steven Aldridge climbed the turn four wall, somehow avoiding rolling over, but his race would be finished.
As Sayer set the pace once again Rigby would work to get past Berkley, but again the battle would last for only two laps as Stephen Laidlaw and Dale Corbett came together in turn four, their races both over.
Sayer, Berkley, Rigby and Healey would maintain position as Jack Murphy moved into fifth on the restart, only to spin in turn three, spread-eagling the field with nineteen laps complete.
This elevated Thomas back into the top five, then under the yellow lights Jayden Healey was forced infield with a flat right front tyre, seeing Nathan Thorne suddenly back into the top five.
The top four held sway on the restart with Bryan Galley moving into fifth, only to have a moment as he went to pass Thomas, taking both high and allowing a pile of cars to make their way into the battle.
By now Sayer had again extended his lead to nearly two and a half seconds, Berkely still second with Rigby cruising around on his tail, another significant gap back to the rest of the pack which was now led by Neil Keldoulis in fourth.
With twenty-five laps complete the yellows came out again, this time with Scott Hawkins spinning in turn one and on the restart Neil Keldoulis would also head infield, seeing Nathan Thorne back into the top four once again.
There was plenty of fight throughout the pack on the restart but still Sayer would hold strong over Berkley, who was also able to continue holding off Rigby while Thorne and Bryan Galley held positions in the top five.
Galley got by Thorne on lap twenty-eight, while Sayer up front only continued to get faster, an amazing 16.824 second lap on lap twenty-nine the fastest lap of the weekend to that point. Unfortunately, shortly after, just as Sayer was completing lap thirty, the yellow lights came out yet again, this time for Johnny Ralph who speared into the front straight wall.
Unfortunately for Berkley on the restart something broke in the front end, seeing him screech to a stop at the top of turn two, his race over.
Sayer would now lead away Rigby, Galley, Thorne, Dylan Barrow and Chris Blyton but again the lights would come on without a lap being completed, this time as Wesly Barnes spun to a stop in turn two.
The restart would see even more drama, second-placed Rigby slowing and heading infield, leaving Sayer well in front with Galley now second ahead of Thorne, Blyton and Matt Vicary.
Again Sayer would continue to relish the clear air, recording an amazing 16.808-second lap on the thirty-second circulation, and over four seconds ahead with just five laps to go. Galley was running his own race in second while Blyton got past Thorne to take third after coming from the B Main.
From here the top three order would remain unchanged, Sayer recording a dominant win to cross the line 7.765 seconds ahead of Galley, with Clyton third followed by Vicary and Thorne rounding out the top five.
Congratulations to Sayer and all the place getters, and a big thankyou to all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this, the final SSA National Title for season 2023/24, possible.
A Main, 40 laps: 1. Q2 Joel Berkley, 2. A1 Kyle Sayer, 3. S52 Nathan Thorne, 4. N19 Jaiden Healey, 5. Q19 Aidan Rigby, 6. W43 Hayden Thomas, 7. V30 Stephen Laidlaw, 8. V98 Raymond Ussher, 9. N55 Jack Murphy, 10. Q99 Dylan Barrow, 11. N28 Wesly Barnes, 12. N0 Bryan Galley, 13. Q17 Neil Keldoulis, 14. Q18 Brett Barron, 15. N49 Johnny Ralph, 16. VA5 Steven Watts, 17. N5 Scott Hawkins, 18. N75 Matt Vicary, 19. N91 Chris Blyton, 20. Q15 Richard Cook, 21. V35 Steven Aldridge, 22. N98 Dale Corbett.
1. A1 Kyle Sayer, 2. N0 Bryan Galley, 3. N91 Chris Blyton, 4. N75 Matt Vickery, 5. S52 Nathan Thorne, 6. Q15 Richard Cook, 7. W43 Hayden Thomas, 8. N5 Scott Hawkins, 9. N28 Wesley Barnes, 10. N55 Jack Murphy, 11. VA5 Steven Watts, 12. Q18 Brett Barron. DNF: Q99 Dylan Barrow (37), Q19 Aidan Rigby (29), Q2 Joel Berkley (29), N49 Johnny Ralph (29), Q17 Neil Keldoulis (25), N29 Jaiden Healey (19), N98 Dale Corbett (18), V30 Stephen Laidlaw (18), V35 Steven Aldridge (15), V98 Raymond Ussher (13). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 7.765. Fastest Lap: 16.808 A1 Kyle Sayer.
SAYER GOES BACK TO BACK!2024-04-29T09:51:14+10:00

Solomons Wins Easter Nationals

Paul Solomon has won the 2024 360 Sprintcar Easter Nationals. After a very exciting race with plenty of position changes, it came down to a last lap pass to determine the winner.
1st Paul Solomon
2nd Rusty Hickman
3rd Todd Moule
Solomons Wins Easter Nationals2024-04-03T16:45:19+11:00

Caruso Wins Last Ever Allstars Round

Release: Australian Sprintcar Allstars
On Good Friday the final ever round of the Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers All Stars series was contested at Timmis Speedway, Mildura. Steve Caruso would write his name in the History Book as the last ever A-Main Winner of the series after it was announced a month before that Mandy Searle’s series would finish after 17 seasons of competition.
Rusty Hickman meanwhile would finish Second and wrap up his second All Stars Series Championship emulating the feats of his famous father Darren who won the very first All Stars Series 17 years ago. 3 time All Stars series champ and current Australia 1 Mark Caruso would round out the top 3.
Todd Moule started 10th but worked his way through the field to finish in 4th. Paul Solomon rounded out the top 5. They were followed by Keke Falland, Jordyn Charge, Brendan Guerin, Ryan Davis and Ricky Maiolo rounding out the top 10. Chris Solomon was next with Jake Smith, Jarman Dalitz, Todd Hobson, Ben Morris, Boyd Harris, Phil Lock and Jeremy Kupsch rounding out the finishers. Corey Sandow would be the only car to finish on the infield.
On an emotional night where we said goodbye to an amazing series Speedway Australia CEO Darren Tindall would make a special presentation to Series Promoter Mandy Searle in recognition of a wonderful 17 years of All Stars Competition.
Heat winners – Phil Lock, Chris Solomon, Rusty Hickman, Ben Morris, Todd Moule, Todd Hobson
Caruso Wins Last Ever Allstars Round2024-04-03T16:41:51+11:00

March 9 & 10 Event Cancelled

Press Release 29th February 2024
Message from Mildura Speedway Drivers Club Inc
We wish to apologise for the minimal communications in relation to the cancelation of our meeting on the 9th and 10th of March. We have taken on feed back and, understand this could have been delivered differently.
On the 29th of February, a Special Meeting was held with members of the club.
The reasons the Committee cancelled the meeting initially involved low nominations, unavailable staff and volunteers, financial outlay and cost to the club. The decision was voted by the committee to remove any risk to our club as a whole.
We appreciate people love their speedway and want to go racing! However, meetings are not always viable to be held.
We thank those who have reached out, communicated appropriately or shown our club support in some manner to this meeting.
We ask that people show respect and offer our club and Committee support rather than negative banter.
If you would like to communicate to the Committee, please send an email with your feedback to, or a “Contact Us” message can be left though our web page. Please allow our Committee time to regroup and not reach out to them personally in the immediate future. This has been a stressful 24 hours for everyone involved.
Once again we thank you for your understanding,
Kindest Regards,
Geoff Fell- President
and MSDC Inc Committee
March 9 & 10 Event Cancelled2024-03-01T09:12:27+11:00

Egel Wins As Open Sprintcars Return To Mildura

Article from @Phil Michell
Egel Wins As Open Sprintcars Return To Mildura
Last Saturday night Matt Egel performed his iconic “Eagle Wing Dance” in front of a capacity crowd at the B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway Mildura after an epic battle in Round 4 of the Sprintcars SA Southern Shootout Series. After sitting back for a majority of the race Egel made his move with 8 laps remaining as both Brock Hallet and Luke Dillon hesitated in the lapped traffic sweeping past both drivers to take the lead and, in the process, he closed the points gap on series leader Luke Dillon.
Dillon was able to minimise the damage with a runner-up finish while Ryan Jones, who was playing his double points “Joker card” completed the top three after starting from position thirteen.
“With the track taking rubber Brock and Luke were reluctant to move off the bottom and I felt like was in the best position running third. Brock made the slightest mistake in turn four and I was able to use my momentum to get past both. I am just so proud of this team, we only picked up this chassis earlier this week and Corey Brougham spent the whole week building this car. After the run we have had of late to come back and win tonight is a great result.
We were just lucky the race didn’t go any longer as I don’t think the right rear tyre would have gone an extra lap. I could feel it vibrating pretty bad with about three laps to go and the chords are showing so for once the luck went our way” added Matt following the event.
Fourth place in the main event went to Loxton resident Keke Falland with Daniel Pestka, who was also playing his Joker Card, completing the top five. Lachy McDonough, Steve Caruso, Corey Sandow, Todd Moule and Ryan Newton rounded out the top 10.
After his right rear tyre went down on the final lap Brock Hallett limped home in twelfth position, the final driver on the lead lap.
The only real incident of the main event occurred on lap 8 when the right front wheel came adrift on Chad Ely’s machine. As Ely spun in front of the field Jackson Delamont made contact with the #98 Triple X ending both of their nights.
Earlier in the night Queenslander Ryan Newton kicked the night off in style as he set the quickest time in Revolution Racegear Qualifying with a lap of 11.727 seconds just edging out time trial specialist Luke Dillon (11.799) and Matt Egel (11.828). In what was a dramatic session the top five were only covered by a mere .141 of a second.
With the heat line-ups seeded straight up with no inversion the results went to plan with all six of the front row starters transferring straight into the dash.
Ryan Newton was victorious in the opening Wide Open Clothing Co. / One6 Industries heat race ahead of Jackson Delamont, with Steven Caruso, Keke Falland, Ryan Jones and Parker Scott all gaining a direct transfer into the main event.
Luke Dillon and Will Carroll booked a spot into the dash from heat 2 while Chad Ely, Lachy McDonough, Adan King and Corey Sandow gained the other direct transfers into the 30-lap finale.
The final heat was the only preliminary that wasn’t won from the pole as Brock Hallett raced his way past Matt Egel to greet the chequered flag first with Daniel Pestka, Todd Moule, Ash Cook and local Jason Bolitho completing the top six. Bolitho managed to finish sixth despite bringing out the caution for hitting the turn 1 wall.
Luke Dillon would then go on to win the Showtime Signs Dash ahead of Newton, Hallett, Delamont, Egel and Carroll while rookies Jacob Pitcher and Jason Wilson would gain the final two spots available for the 20-car field by transferring from the Whyalla Earthworks B-Main.
Revolution Racegear Quick Time – V6 Ryan Newton – 11.727 seconds
Wide Open Clothing Co. / One6 Industries Heat Winners – V6 Ryan Newton, S81 Luke Dillon & Q5 Brock Hallett
Showtime Signs Dash Winner – S81 Luke Dillon
The Gateway – Mildura A-Main Winner – S52 Matt Egel
Phil Michell Motorsport Media Highest Placed Prosprintcar – NT52 Jason Bolitho (15th overall)
Double Points Joker Card Players – Q5 Brock Hallett, S10 Steven Caruso, D26 Todd Moule, S27 Daniel Pestka, V55 Parker Scott, S63 Ryan Jones.
Sprintcars SA Southern Shootout Series Points after Round 4 (Top 10) – 1. S81 Luke Dillon 1065, 2. S52 Matt Egel 1010, 3. S78 Keke Falland 780, 4. S38 Lachy McDonough 720, 5. S98 Chad Ely 694, 6. V43 Corey Sandow 674, 7. S63 Ryan Jones 644, 8.S27 Daniel Pestka 635, 9. Q5 Brock Hallett 600 10. S4 Lisa Walker 552.
Sprintcars SA would like to thank the following corporate partners for their support of the 2023/24 Southern Shootout Series:
Whyalla Earthworks Whyalla Mini Bins
Revolution Racegear
Clarend Transport
One6 Industries
Wide Open Clothing Co
Mildura Gateway
Showtime Signs
T&D Wholesale
Release and Photo by Phil Michell Motorsport Media for Sprintcars SA
Ends Release…


Egel Wins As Open Sprintcars Return To Mildura2024-03-01T09:14:19+11:00

Mildura Sprintcar Shootout Presented By The Gateway

Author: Sprintcars SA

After a lengthy absence the thundering 410ci open Sprintcars will return to Mildura’s Timmis Speedway on February 24, 2024, for a round of the Sprintcars SA Southern Shootout Series. For well over a decade 360ci Sprintcar events have been a regular occurrence at the Sunraysia venue, but the action and the speed will shift up a gear with a full field of open Sprintcars expected to compete and the event will be proudly presented by The Gateway & Verde Mildura.

“As a club we are delighted to have the Gateway & Verde Mildura supporting the Southern Shootout Series and enabling us to bring a round of the series to Mildura. The Team at The Gateway have been great to deal with and I can’t thank them enough for their support.” added Sprintcars SA Vice President Michael Brown.

Located close to the iconic Murray River, on the corner of 15th Street and San Mateo Avenue, the Gateway Mildura is more than a traditional pub or hotel; it’s a vibrant space for delicious meals, exciting events and sports viewing. The Gateway Mildura also has the best Drive-Through Bottle Shop in Mildura, with a huge range of beverages to choose from and a maximum clearance height of 3.4 metres to cater for a wide variety of vehicles.

Formerly known as The Gateway Tavern, The Gateway Mildura has cemented its place among the best restaurants in Mildura and it is known for its warm ambience, exceptional service, delicious meals and cold beverages. The Gateway even has the best coffee and cakes in town.

The Timmis Speedway will host what will be the fourth points event of the newly established Southern Shootout Series. Currently Luke Dillon leads the series on 845 points having won the opening round at Whyalla in November after playing his “Double Points Joker Card”. In addition to his series lead he has also set “Revolution Racegear Quick Time” in two of the three rounds. Current South Australian Champion Matt Egel (760), Chad Ely (594), Keke Falland (590) and Lisa Walker (552) complete the top five in the overall points.

The Mildura round of the series will also provide the final time that the competitors are able to play their “Double Points Joker Card” this season so you can expect a majority of the field to be playing the “Joker” at the Timmis Speedway and this is sure to add a little extra spice to what should be an outstanding night of Sprintcar racing.

The only other round winner is former Australian Sprintcar Champion Jock Goodyer, having secured two round victories when the series was held in conjunction with the Sprintcar Speedweek at Murray Bridge over Christmas.

For further details on the Gateway Mildura please click on the link below.
The Gateway Mildura: Restaurant, Pub, Club & Bar in Mildura (

Sprintcars SA would also like to thank Revolution Racegear, Showtime Signs, Whyalla Earthworks, Pro 4×4, Clarend Transport, One6 Industries and Wide Open Clothing Co. for their support of the Sprintcars SA Southern Shootout Series.

Ends Release.

Mildura Sprintcar Shootout Presented By The Gateway2024-02-19T16:20:33+11:00

Williams wins SA Wingless Sprint Title

Sydney driver Tyson Williams has won the 2024 for winning the 2023/24 SA State Title on Saturday night.
1st – NX48 Tyson Williams
2nd – N41 Jason Bates
3rd – S86 Kirby Hillyer
4th – VX50 Luke Weel
5th – S58 Nate Trewin
Williams wins SA Wingless Sprint Title2024-02-16T10:40:05+11:00


Matty Pascoe has been crowned the Victorian Super Sedan Champion following a phenomenal feature race at B&S Earthworks Timmis Speedway Mildura that had multiple lead changes and shock DNF’s that kept the crowd guessing constantly!
To kick off proceedings David Nichols was given the first award of the night after being voted as the best presented car and crew award at the Victorian Title.
At the highly anticipated big banks, it was Lucas Roberts in the V0 for Royal Precision Lubricants and Bendigo Metal Fab taking out the first heat win of the day. Lionel West was home in second with Dave Gartner in third.
Matty Pascoe was stout in heat race two, but knew that they had some room to move to make their car better. Michael Hally and David Nichols made up second and third.
This time around for heat 3 it was Zac Pascoe for the Sweet Chassis team with the win, ahead of Dylan Barrow and Jamie Collins.
Round two of heat races saw the blistering sun slickening off the surface a little as Tasmanian Callum Harper was the first to open up the top side winning from Dave Gartner and Mick Nicola Snr.
David Nichols then returned to victory lane, but with a heat winner to go with his Best Presented award this time around. Nichols led home the brothers Brock and Todd Atkins at second and third.
Ash Bergmeier was rampant in heat 6 with another top side showdown that seen the top three spots filled by Steve Jordan and National Champion Trent Wilson.
With the final chance to bank points in heat action reaching a fever pitch, Mick Nicola Jnr had to strike early and did exactly that with a heat win from Brad Pascoe and Dylan Barrow.
Heat 8 was all with the defending Victorian Champion who spoke about how tough the pressure was to defend that state crown, while holding Callum Harper and Trent Wilson out to a half second lead.
The last heat of the night was all in for the Joker Steve Jordan who was flash in his new (borrowed) race suit, Jordan was first home from Michael Hally and Dave Gartner.
Dropping the B Main, cars packed into the Colosseum of Clay that is Timmis Speedway for the feature event looking down the barrel of 23 cars to take the green.
However heartbreak would instill early as pole sitter Dave Gartner would suffer a mechanical failure and bow out of the very first race restart. All the while David Nichols settled into the race lead and began to put solid laps in his book and approaching lap traffic. Lucas Roberts would follow Gartner infield with a similar mechanical gremlin plaguing the V0.
Kemble Aylett would suffer a similar fate in the form of a punctured right rear sending him infield and yellow on the raceway.
On the restart Nichols was the leader but a fast closing Dylan Barrow and Matty Pascoe were lurking with Intent. Kym Leyson and Brock Atkins would also head to the lawn, with the race contender David Nichols being forced to retire. Within a couple laps Callum Harper also headed down there with a fast race car unable to finish.
Dylan Barrow now went to work on Pascoe before making the move and locking it down for 10 or so laps, before a gremlin started to rear its head, and an eventual flat tyre would also spoil the hopes of the Barrow #17. With Pascoe back to the front he just had to settle the ship, and managed to do exactly that.
Pascoe led home from there, Ash Bergmeier and Mick Nicola Jnr from Brad Pascoe and Trent Wilson making up the official top five.
Tyson Moon was home in sixth, with Jamie Collins, Michael Hally, Mick Nicola Snr, Zac Pascoe, Todd Atkins, Travis Ramsdale, Paul Blenkiron, Lionel West and Steve Jordan adding to the last of the finishers in this Victorian Super Sedan Title.
PASCOE PICTURE PERFECT2024-02-05T09:42:03+11:00

McCarthy & Dolic Win at Timmis

On a very hot day in Mildura, Timmis Speedway held round 3 of the Ti Bill’s Wingless Sprint Series and round 2 of the SA Modified Sedan Series, with junior sedans as support.

In a 30 lap feature that went flag to flag with no stoppages, Jack McCarthy made his way from 7th starting position to take the win in a very entertaining race.

1st – S23 Jack McCarthy
2nd – S58 Nate Trewin
3rd – S26 Rylan Furler
Modified Sedans was taken out by Taleah Dolic, with Angelo Halacas and Wade McCarthy rounding out the podium after a very close race.
1st – MDA33 Taleah Dolic
2nd – MDA86 Angelo Halacas
3rd – MDA6 Wade McCarthy
Junior Sedans was won by Ryan Burns over Deklan Bolitho and Evan McAllister.
1st – MDA12 Ryan Burns
2nd – MDA52 Deklan Bolitho
3rd – SA25 Evan McAllister
Full event results can be found here:
McCarthy & Dolic Win at Timmis2024-01-15T15:03:03+11:00
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